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What will my breast surgery cost over time?

Breast surgery cost

There are three given stages you must have in mind when you estimate what a breast augmentation will cost you. In this blog post we will go through these step by step.


First you need to undergo a standard consultation, which will cost you approximately 100-200 euros. The consultation is a key event where we match your wishes and demands with an optimal treatment plan to reach these goals.


Normally, the surgery will cost you about 5000-6000 euros. This includes the fees for the surgeon, a state of the art operating facility, and the implants. Usually breast augmentation is carried out as a day case. If you wish to stay overnight expect to pay an extra 400-600 euros.


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After surgery

If something happens during or immediately after your operation and we need to perform additional surgery, nothing extra will be charged. If however you develop a problem with capsular contracture or your breast shape changes gradually with time (for example after pregnancy or weight change) and you require further surgery, there would normally be additional fees. Expect to pay something in the region of the same cost as the original surgery (5000-6000 euros) in this setting.