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Why the consultation before a tummy tuck is so important

A tummy tuck could be a life changing procedure. Your experience will be different from everyone else’s, and therefore it’s important to meet with a consultant plastic surgeon to be able to understand the process and what to expect from your abdominoplasty.

Before deciding on a tummy tuck, you have probably done a lot of research. You might have searched the web for before and after pictures, read patient stories, talked to someone who had an abdominoplasty, or found information from different clinics. But to exactly know what an abdominoplasty actually could mean for you, and what health benefits or changes in the appearance it could bring – you have to have a consultation.

When booking a consultation for an abdominoplasty, you will meet with a consultant plastic surgeon. Normally, you will have two consultations before you could schedule a time and date for the actual surgery. A tummy tuck should not be rushed, and the consultations will be of great help for you to understand everything about your individual process.

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Examinations and expectations

At consultation, you will get your full medical history taken, and the surgeon will examine the abdomen closely. This is necessary to find out if your abdominal muscles are separated but also to look upon any pre-existing scars or hernia, and find out how an abdominoplasty could help with these issues. Also, if you have excess skin on the belly, the consultant plastic surgeon will explain how this could be resolved with a tummy tuck.

In consultation, it’s also important to be open about your expectations when you talk about the possible outcomes of surgery. Your individual results will differ from the before and after pictures you’ve seen, and it’s important for you and the surgeon to understand each other. Consultation will also give you more information about what to expect from surgery itself, the recovery period, and what implications there will be for work and physical activities.

At the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland, we always strive to give you the best experience from your consultation.  Contact us if you want to know more.  If you want to learn more about how a tummy tuck works, please download our free guide below!


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