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What will I have to invest in a tummy tuck?

investments into a tummy tuck

Before jumping into any possibly life changing decision, you need to think about what you actually have to put into it. In this blog post, we list 4 important things you will have to invest in a tummy tuck – both before and after surgery.

Whether you’re experiencing psychological issues or physical discomforts with your belly, a tummy tuck could be a really good operation to increase your well being in many different ways. But since it’s quite a big (and expensive) procedure, you also need to think twice about certain things before deciding.


1. Money

A tummy tuck is not a cheap procedure. It’s a long operation that consists of a lot of different steps, performed with high tech equipment by a professional and experienced surgeon with specialist knowledge of these procedures. It also requires at least one night at the hospital afterwards. Therefore, the average cost for an abdominoplasty is around 8000 euros.


2. Time away from physical activities and work

The time after a tummy tuck is also something you will need to have in mind, since your operation will affect both your physical being and your ability to work. The recovery period is a build up process, and you need to listen to your body so that you don’t overdo anything. Normally, you will need to take about 2 weeks off from work, and avoid exercise for a few weeks more. Find out more about the recovery period here.


3. Consideration before the decision

Of course, time and money is not the only things you will have to invest in a tummy tuck – you will also need to really contemplate the surgery in different ways. Normally, you will have two consultations with a plastic surgeon, to really discuss all the aspects of a procedure – such as pain and possible risks. Are you willing to take all the time needed to think about this?

Read more about why consultation before a tummy tuck is so important in this blogpost.

4. Help from others

When recovering from an abdominoplasty, you will at first be restricted from doing basic tasks, such as perhaps tying your shoes or carrying heavy objects. This will require people around you to help, and is something you should prepare your near and dear for, prior to surgery.

When getting closer to a tummy tuck decision, you might want to learn more about how it really works – from beginning to end. If so, you can download our free guide here!


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