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What will a nose surgery cost over time?

A nose surgery is a common procedure, but still something that you must invest a lot of time and money in to get the best results.


The economic cost

On average, a standard rhinoplasty cost around 5000 – 6000 euros. This is a full cost that includes everything – from consultation and 3D-simulations to the actual surgery and post-operational appointment. Read more about how much a rhinoplasty cost here.

A small percentage of patients might have to come back for a small correction after their rhinoplasty. This could bring an extra cost in addition to the whole surgery – but need for correction affects only about 2% of all patients.


Time away from work and workout

The cost for a rhinoplasty isn’t merely economical, since it also requires a certain amount of time away from work and physical activities. You must be able to reserve at least 10 days or up to 2 weeks before you can go back to work. Some patients return sooner, but most don’t want to show that they have undergone a rhinoplasty.

If you are really into sports or going to the gym, you also have to put away these physical activities when recovering from a rhinoplasty. The recommended waiting time is 6 weeks after the surgery.


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