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Review the result before you decide on your breast surgery

Most of the women I meet are worried about what the end result of a breast augmentation will look like. `What if my breasts will look abnormal or become to big?` As you will be able to see what your breasts will look like before the surgery, you do not have to worry.

A breast augmentation here at Aesthetic Institute involves a 3D simulation where you can see the result of your breast augmentation before you go through the surgery. This method works in most cases. The two exceptions are when you wish to do an implant exchange or have heavy and hanging breasts.


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When you and your surgeon have found the optimal implants and fit for you, our computer will generate a 3D picture of what your breasts will look like with the chosen implant. This picture can rotate 360 degrees in order to visualise what your breasts will look like from all angles. You can even see what your breasts will look like when you look down on them from above. The simulator can also compare one size to another if you’re still having doubts about what is optimal for you.

So, do not worry about the end result, you will be able to review it in 3D before you decide.

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