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A Revelation in Skin Health Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring

As covered by the Irish Times last year, the Antera 3D™ created by Miravex, developed in Trinity College Dublin and now available at The Aesthetic Institute, uses advanced optical technology to:
– analyse in detail sun damage, roughness, wrinkles, brown spots and redness,
– view the skin in 2D and 3D,
– carry out a multi-spectrum analysis of the dermis and the epidermis,
– accurately measure and monitor the results of treatment.
This new system is the ultimate aid in identifying the best treatment and care for your skin, as it reads all the features associated with skin attractiveness and aging. With the Antera 3D™ patients can actually get answers to questions like:
– How rough is my skin?
– How deep are my wrinkles?
– How much sun damage or redness do I have?
– How evenly is melanin and haemoglobin distributed in my skin?
roomThe effects of surgery or results during the course of treatment such as Fraxel laser, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and AK chemical peels can actually be measured. Colin Riordan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and owner of the Aesthetic Institute, says: “We are delighted to be able to offer patients the additional benefits offered by the Antera 3D™. As well as assistance in diagnosis and recommending treatment, the system allows us to monitor and measure the results. We can measure and record melanin levels, acne, rosacea, facial redness, ‘broken veins’ and wrinkles.
“Patients can actually compare before and after pictures of their skin during treatment and quantify, for example, the percentage decrease in wrinkle depth after dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, surgical scar revision or even procedures like facelift or blepharoplasty.
“A course of treatment such as Fraxel Laser can take several months and the results are gradual. Patients may find it hard to see the improvement to their appearance as they see themselves in the mirror every day, but the Antera 3D™ system allows us to quantify results in great detail, down to the depth of an individual wrinkle or the percentage reduction in severity of pigmentation or acne scarring”.
Skincare adviser Sinead Heasley says that sometimes patients can be ‘in denial’ about the damage the sun has done to their skin, for example. “With the Antera 3D™, we can actually show clients the areas of the face which need the most protection from the sun, and work with them to develop a skincare regime which maximises the results of other treatments like laser, dermal fillers or AK Peels, or surgery such as a facelift”.
As with any tool, the usefullness of the Antera 3D™ depends on the skill of the user. The Aesthetic Institute are specially trained in the use of this machine and software.
For further details or to schedule a consultation, contact the clinic by calling 01 491 5738 or emailing All skin consultations, skincare advice appointments, AK facials and AK Peels now offer a free Antera 3D™ skin scan.