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Breast Augmentation Consultations including Vectra Simulation

breast250pxNot knowing for sure how you will look after surgery, wondering if round or teardrop implants are better for you, and being uncertain as to whether to choose larger or smaller implants can all be factors holding you back when you are considering breast agumentation.

The Aesthetic Institute is the first clinic in Ireland to offer patients the opportunity to preview the results of procedures before undergoing surgery using the Vectra 3D Face & Body Imaging System. This helps you have more confidence in the decisions you make when undergoing surgery.

The Vectra camera takes multiple simultaneous photographs of the patient and uses the data to build a 3D model of the patient’s face or body. This model can then be manipulated to simulate the results of surgery. Patients who are considering breast augmentation can then preview how their own bodies would look after the procedure, compare different sizes and shapes of implants and view the effects on their bodies from different angles.


Please call 01 491 5738 to arrange a consultation today. Read more about the Vectra 3D Face & Body Imaging System on our website.