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Exclusive Vectra 3D Photographic Simulation Offers Preview of Surgery Results

The Aesthetic Institute is the only clinic in Ireland to offer Vectra 3D Imaging, which is great news for the thousands of people who consider aesthetic plastic surgery each year. Recent advances in three dimensional (3D) photography combined with revolutionary new software allow prospective patients to preview what they will look like as the result of breast augmentation, facial procedures, and more, well in advance of any surgery.

Both the Vectra® 3D camera and Sculptor software which make this possible were developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, the world’s leading provider of medical photography systems. The process starts with a Vectra 3D session which produces a three-dimensional photograph of the patient. Then, using Sculptor software, the surgeon is able to simulate the expected results of a variety of aesthetic procedures. The Aesthetic Institute is the first and only clinic in Ireland offering patients this simulation technology.

“My patients have been impressed and delighted with this,” said Mr Colin Riordan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Aesthetic Institute. “For the first time, they’re able to see a 3D picture of themselves with their new look. Because it’s in 3D, I can rotate their picture to any viewpoint and they can really examine the desired result. We can make changes here and there and agree on a final look in advance, and this truly helps them make a decision”.

“The philosophy of Akademikliniken, our partner clinic in Sweden, is “Beauty through Science” and using the Vectra compliments this approach. It offers a patient more information and allows them to be more confident in their decision to undergo surgery. Most women wouldn’t buy an evening dress without trying it on – why should they undergo surgery without seeing how they will look afterwards?!”

The Vectra system is particularly useful when a patient is considering breast augmentation. The software is pre-programmed with the dimensions of thousands of different breast implants and patients can compare how they would look with different sizes and shapes of implant before they undergo surgery.

The Aesthetic Institute in Ranelagh was opened in September 2011 by Mr Colin Riordan, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in The Blackrock Clinic. It offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. For further information and appointments, visit, phone 01 491 5738 or email