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Akademikliniken’s plastic surgeons have met many patients over the years who needed further skin attention beyond the plastic surgery field. Being so active in the research of anti-ageing skin care products and having an insight into skin functionality, Akademikliniken understand the importance of achieving great plastic surgery results. This enabled us to develop a proprietary skin care line which was the start of more than three years of research and development conducted by a team of experts consisting of leading biochemists, international cosmetic experts, surgeons, dermatologists and beauticians - all tied to Akademikliniken.


A basic and one of the most important steps for an optimal skin care routine is cleansing. Akademikliniken has chosen to develop gentle cleansers and toners with an extra focus on skin care and barrier strengthening ingredients. This enables an effective and safe cleaning routine, which adds luster, moisture and extra vitamins - for home use and for professional treatment.


Using a concentrated serum give the ability to optimize skincare results further. Akademikliniken serums contains high concentrations of active ingredients that absorb quickly, which moisturise and strengthens the skin. Some serums may need to be introduced gradually to your routine, ie used with caution in the beginning, before the skin has become accustomed. Always read the instructions carefully on the pack before you start using the product, or consult with one of our therapists.


Moisturisers play a major role in all skin care routines. Moisturisers help to preserve and enhance the skin's natural barrier, balance moisture levels and inhibit moisture loss. Akademikliniken moisturisers can be used ideally as both day and night cream. For optimal protection, we recommended daily use of our Day Maximum Sense SPF 50.


It's probably not news to you that the sun and its rays are harmful to our skin. UVA and UVB Rays cause premature aging, uneven pigmentation, moisture loss, and in the worst cases, cell changes. Akademikliniken are using new sunscreen technology, developed a lightweight, silky and non-comedogenic formula that will give you maximum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The cream leaves no white traces on the skin after application.