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Acne can be a huge problem for teenagers and adults alike. Suffering from this condition can often leave the skin angry, red, scarred and in some cases cause extreme pain. A combination of all of these problems can have a negative effect on people’s mood and confidence.

At The Aesthetic Institute, our goal is to help you take control of your acne flare-ups, to calm the skin, eliminate bacteria, prevent scarring and eradicate pain leaving you with an overall much clearer and smoother complexion. We use our very own product range, which was designed by AK doctors and skin therapist to optimize skin health. Our effective acne treatments in Dublin can change your life.

acne treatments Dublin

Professional Treatments for Acne in Dublin

There are several types of medical professional treatment procedures that can be performed to help control and treat your acne. These are the main acne treatments as follows to name a few, Light Therapy, Chemical peels, and Fraxel Laser.

Light Therapy – A lot of the rawness and inflammation that occurs with acne is due to bacteria and to get rid of this we need to reveal your skin to different light. Before you have this treatment performed, your doctor will rub on a medicated cream to your skin which will help it become more delicate to light. Your treatments may use blue light, red light, or a combination of them both.

Chemical Peels – This type of treatment controls the acne and improves the appearance of your skin. The doctor will rub on a minor chemical solution to your skin. This solution will help unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. It will also help to regrow new healthy skin.

Fraxel Laser – This is an effective acne scarring treatment. A non-ablative laser skin treatment that can resurface the skin, uncovering the younger skin underneath which will give you fresher looking skin and improved tone.


This procedure is performed by piercing the skin with small needles several times. This will generate microscopic channels in the dermis layer. The external layer of skin is not affected, but the body will observe the treatment which will then cause the area to produce fresh volumes of collagen. This collagen will help the skin to heal and reduce the scars that have been caused by acne.