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Developed by Akademikliniken, the Aesthetic Institute’s SoftLift and is a brand new aesthetic treatment method using hyaluronic acid. It rebuilds tissue in order to replace volume and induce a lift. Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in the body and is injected into different levels in order to rebuild the tissue.

Aesthetic Institute’s SoftLift recreates volume and elasticity in the whole or parts of the face, the throat and the neckline. It can also pad out an ageing hand or remove pigmentation. It can be used for minor corrections, for example of the nose.

Aesthetic Institute Softlift is a proven method that may be preferable to traditional plastic surgery since its advantages are many. The results are instantaneous and the effects more natural, with volume and lustre. Treatment time is short, around 45 minutes, and the recovery time minimal. Treatments are suitable for anybody whose ageing process has begun and offer a lasting result without scars. There is no pain after the treatment and the risk of side effects is very low.

Aesthetic Institute SoftLift can only be used by specially trained plastic surgeons and is implemented on a three-dimensional level. The treatment has been developed with the support of new types of fillers and needles, in combination with the most complete laser equipment in the industry and Akademikliniken’s own skin care products.

If you would like to discuss SoftLift treatment with the Consultant Plastic Surgeon, please call 01 491 5738 to make an appointment for a non-invasive treatment consultation.