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Botox Injections

What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a product that has been used in the health industry since the 1980s to treat muscle problems. From the 1990s onwards, the substance has been frequently used in cosmetic and aesthetic contexts in order to reduce visible lines and wrinkles. Due to the very low concentration used it is, in fact, a very safe cosmetic treatment.

How does it Work?

The substance, which is produced in laboratories, blocks nerve impulses to the tiny facial muscles, which normally cause lines and wrinkles when they contract. This prevents the muscles from contracting and the skin is smoothed so that lines and wrinkles disappear. Untreated muscles are not affected, nor are normal facial expressions.

How is it Used?

Wrinkles best suited to this treatment are those caused by muscle use, i.e. dynamic or expression wrinkles. Wrinkles between the eyebrows, horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and wrinkles around the eyes can all be treated with Botulinum toxin injections. It normally only takes a few minutes to administer the injections and, as the needles used are very fine, it is not usually painful. It's very important that the person doing the injecting is an expert in facial anatomy, as the benefits of the treatment depend on their skill to treat the correct muscles.


How Long Do the Effects Last?

Though it will differ from patient to patient, the effects of the initial injections should last four months and the intervals between treatments usually increase with continued use.

If you have never had this type of treatment before, and you would like to discuss your options with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, please call 01 491 5738 or email for more information on booking a non-invasive treatment consultation or an anti-wrinkle injection treatment. 

TCA (Trichloracetic Acid)

The second type of peel is the TCA peel, Trichloroacetic Acid. This is a stronger peel and is an excellent treatment for reducing wrinkles, scars, uneven skin texture and uneven pigmentation. The old skin peels away and fresh new skin regenerates. There are two levels of concentration available with the TCA peel:

The first is a 30-40% TCA peel. This gives a sharp peeling of the skin to improve sun damage, hyper pigmentation and wrinkles. This treatment is performed by our physicians, and is often done under general anesthesia and requires one week of convalescence. One treatment is often sufficient for a great result.

The second is a milder chemical peel with 15% TCA. This treatment is significantly less painful but still gives great results. The healing process with this peel is fairly simple, and many peels can be done over time until the desired result is achieved. A consultation with the Consultant Plastic Surgeon is recommended before booking a TCA peel.