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A Buttock Lift will change the size and shape of the buttocks according to your personal wishes and expectations. It is always important to remember when looking at pictures, that every individual is unique, so you can never compare yourself with another patients results. During the consultation the right solution will be found for you.

Non-Surgical Fillers

Dermal Filler can be injected to the area under general anaesthetic. The advantage of this method is that there will not be any scarring as you would have following a surgical procedure. The result is immediate and can be assessed and altered if needed.


What does it cost?

The overall cost of a buttock lift depends on a number of factors including how extensive the surgery will be, and if the procedure is part of a combination procedure.

You can read more about our prices for different procedures and treatments here. See prices for buttock lift here.

If you have any questions about buttock lift which were not addressed here, or if you would like to book a consultation with the consultant plastic surgeon to discuss treatment options for you, please call 01 491 5738, email or complete our Enquiry Form.