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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Western countries. The most common procedure in breast cancer surgery is that the entire breast including the nipple and glands in the armpit are removed. The surgery leaves a completely flat chest, with a scar running across his chest. At the Academy Clinic, we can with modern plastic surgery to build a new breast with reconstructive surgery.

It is still common for the reconstruction of a removed breast is done well after breast cancer surgery, but studies show that the majority of women actually prefer a reconstruction done right away. In addition, there is evidence to show that women better address the new breast in his body identity of the reconstruction is done in direct connection with the removal of the diseased breast. 

The easiest way to build a new breast is to use a breast implant. Often, however, the tissue over the chest wall so tight that a single protesimplantation is not possible. Then you have more skin to be and this can be achieved in different ways.

One method is to insert a tissue expander, a small silicone balloon, under the breast muscle, which then gradually get stretched out by using a valve located under the skin fills with saline solution. When tissues are stretched out balloon replaced by a permanent implant. You can read more about breast augmentation here. Other options for providing the tissue is to take a flap, that is to say that it borrows tissue from other parts of the body.



Breast Implants & Tissue

The use of breast implants is as mentioned above, the simplest, but in recent years have increasingly shifted to building up the female breast with only the patient's own tissue. If a small chest will be built up, this can be done by shifting of the back muscles or the fat from the stomach moves up to the chest.

One reason for the increasingly choosing this method is that the risk of complications from protesimplantation significant enhancement of thoracic tissue has been irradiated after breast cancer surgery. This risk does not exist when using the woman's own tissue. Another advantage is that the new breast is soft and has more symmetry with the natural non-surgical breast.

Nipple Restoration

If the nipple removed in relation to breast cancer surgery, a new nipple is created. Our actual knob can be done in different ways. Either half of our knob on the remaining breast moved to the operated side, or small skin tags can also be cut on the reconstructed breast at the site of our knob and swayed around each other in order to have a protruding knob. One can also build our bud of tissue from the ear lobe or a toe. 
 After our bud rebuilt themselves can areola is created, either with skin graft from the inner thigh, or by borrowing some of the skin from the second breast areola. More common today is the creation colored skin of the areola with tattooing techniques, medical tattooing, by adding brown colour of the areola area who then tattooed into the skin. This gives a very natural appearance of the new nipple and areola.

Do you have additional questions or concerns about our operations, please visit our forum for questions and answers or contact us.



The Result

Unlike a regular breast augmentation surgery are normally only built up one breast with an implant. This results many times in the new breast will be slightly firmer and rounder in shape than the natural non-surgical breast. Therefore, you always have a certain asymmetry after the reconstruction of only one side of chest.