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Akademikliniken has extensive experience in performing breast reduction and breast lift procedures. Both interventions are carried out to lift and shape the breast. Women with large, heavy breasts can often suffer from back and shoulder pain and large breasts are often perceived as an obstacle in sports or exercise.

As we age it is a natural for the breasts to show signs of sagging. Hereditary factors, pregnancy, lactation and significant weight loss are other reasons for the tissues to lose elasticity and the breasts to sag. Large heavy breasts can lead to back and neck pain, skin irritation, fungal infections in the crease beneath the breast, and skeletal and respiratory problems. Very large breasts can also adversely affect your confidence.

As for any invasive procedure at the Aesthetic Institute, the first step involves a consultation visit in which the breasts are examined and the patient receives accurate information about how the surgery is performed together with detailed information regarding potential risks and complications.

breast reduction - breast lift

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Breast reduction and breast lift surgery are usually performed under general anaesthesia. There are several different techniques to reduce or lift the breast. Most of these require that the nipple is moved upward which produces a scar around the nipple.

Before surgery, the surgeon marks the new location for the nipple and then makes a keyhole-like incision. Tissue is removed from the lower part of the breast and the nipple is then pushed up into place in the upper part of the keyhole. Often, the surgeon will shape the breast gland if it has been stretched. Thus, a more stable and firmer breast is produced. 

After Breast Lift or Reduction Surgery

The pain following a breast lift procedure is often minimal. For less extensive procedures it is often possible to go home the same day. It is important to wear a supportive bra day and night for approximately six weeks. Physical activity that involves stretching of the scars should be curtailed for approximately two months after the operation.

There is a risk after a breast reduction that the ability to breast-feed may be impaired and the sensation in your nipples may be reduced. The scars gradually fade and are often barely visible. The final result after the operation can normally be seen approximately six months after the operation.

If you have additional questions or concerns about our operations, please visit our forum for questions and answers or contact our Patient Information Advisor.