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The face changes over time in many different ways. When you meet a person for the first time, it is the appearance of their face that is important. It will reveal how we are, and what we are thinking. The face is for this reason extremely important for our overall well-being.

Aging of the face is primarily due to genetic factors, but other factors also play a role. Stress and external factors such as sun exposure and smoking will speed up the aging process. Lines and wrinkles will gradually become more visible, but there will also be changes under the skin. The supportive tissues will loose strength and elasticity and the face will loose volume and shape.

Many are happy with these changes over the years, while others prefer a more youthful appearance. With face surgery, non-surgical injection treatments and medical skin care, we can improve the areas of the face you are not happy with. We can smooth out unwanted wrinkles and lines and restore that healthy glow.

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