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The chin and neck define the shape of the face and is an aspect of your appearance that is difficult to disguise if you are unhappy with it. There are many reasons why people wish to alter their chin. They may find it too long, too short, too square or too prominent. Often this impression is linked to our perception of what is a masculine or a feminine jaw shape.

In addition, as you age, the skin loses elasticity, while the muscles lose tone and stretch, and fatty tissues in the face lose volume. These natural changes cause the skin to sag and this can be very noticeable in the chin, jowl and neck area. In some cases, fatty deposits under their chin can give a 'double chin' effect.

Neck Lift Dublin


Reasons For Chin Surgery

Many patients consider procedures like a neck lift or chin liposuction to counter the effects of aging, to add definition to a sagging neckline or to eliminate jowls. The aim is to restore a more youthful profile. This type of surgery is often combined with other facial procedures such as a face or brow lift. As it’s not possible to eliminate every line and wrinkle with a neck lift, some patients may also undergo injectables or non-surgical skin rejuvenation such as chemical peels or laser treatment to get the best possible results.

Chin augmentation usually involves inserting a silicone-based implant through a small incision inside the mouth, or under the chin, and positioning it against the bone of the jaw. Implants are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the look you wish to achieve. This procedure changes the profile of your face and is often combined with nose surgery or rhinoplasty.

Other jaw-altering procedures include osteotomy (whereby the jaw bone is altered or realigned changed) and genioplasty (this procedure for shortening the jaw, involves wiring/screwing the jaw in a new alignment and can have a significant recovery period).

In some cases, instead of surgery, patients opt for dermal filler treatments to address minor contour changes to their chin or jaw area.

Vectra 3D Simulation

The Aesthetic Institute is the first and only clinic in Ireland offering patients Vectra 3D Face & Body Imaging Technology. This unique simulation technology uses a 3D model of the patient, allowing the surgeon to illustrate the expected post-surgery appearance and ensure that it matches the patient’s desires and expectations with what is realistically possible.

The Neck Lift Surgery

There are a number of different chin surgery procedures. The choice of the most appropriate one depends on how you wish to alter the shape of your chin and the results you wish to achieve. At the Aesthetic Institute, our consultant plastic surgeons can perform many different procedures including chin liposuction, neck lift, and chin augmentation. However, some procedures are more commonly performed by a maxillo-facial surgeon. Our surgeon will discuss the options with you at your consultation and together you will decide on the best approach.

On the day of your procedure, you will arrive at the hospital fasting. Before the surgery, you will meet with your surgeon again and he/she will mark the surgical site. Most chin surgery procedures are normally done under general anesthesia. The incision site will vary depending on the individual procedure, but in most cases it is inside in the mouth. For example, for chin augmentation a silicone implant is usually placed along the jaw bone through an incision inside the mouth or under the chin. For chin liposuction, however, small incisions are made under the chin and behind the ears. Following the surgery, you will be closely monitored while you begin your recovery and the effects of the anaesthetic wear off.


After Surgery

Most of our patients who undergo a chin liposuction will leave hospital the same day, but normally for other chin and jaw procedures patients will require an overnight hospital stay. They are taken care of by professionals with extensive experience of this surgical procedure. On discharge from the hospital you will be given an appointment for your first post-operative visit to the Aesthetic Institute, but patients are welcome to contact us before that if they have any concerns.

The recovery period following surgery will depend on the procedure performed. Facial swelling and moderate pain is not unusual for a few days after the surgery. After about a week to ten days any stitches are removed at the Aesthetic Institute. Until then you should remain calm and well rested. If liposuction is performed, a support garment may need to be worn for a period of time after surgery.

 What does it cost?

The overall cost of  liposuction or chin surgery depends on a number of factors including how extensive the surgery will be, and whether the procedure is performed as part of a combination procedure. You can read more about our prices for different procedures and treatments here. See prices for liposuction and chin surgery.

If you have any questions about chin and jaw procedures which are not addressed here, or if you would like to book a consultation with the Consultant Plastic Surgeon to discuss treatment options for you, please call 01 491 5738, email or complete our Enquiry Form.