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With time the elasticity of the skin is reduced, and wrinkles, lines and bags appear. These changes depend on both genetic factors and external factors as smoking, alcohol intake, diet, exercise, sun habits and changes in weight.

A midface lift will give the face a younger and more alert impression. The skin will become smoother. This procedure will mostly affect the chin and the jaw line. Fine lines around the mouth may rejuvenating treatments like chemical peels or laser treatment to get the best results.

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Mid Facelift

Before The Surgery

We often will do a 3D VECTRA analysis to verify that we have the same goal that the patient desires from the procedure. During the consultation we will explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have.

It is of extra importance to avoid smoking in this type of procedure, at least 4 weeks before and after. We advise moderating your alcohol intake as prior to and during the recovery phase after surgery.

The Surgery

There are a number of different facelift procedures, the choice of the most appropriate one depends on the areas of the face you wish to address and the results you wish to achieve. At the Aesthetic Institute, our Consultant Plastic Surgeons usually perform either a deep facelift or a mid facelift so you as a patient have lasting and satisfactory results. (This should not be confused with a "mini-lift" or mini-facelift that some surgeons perform; the drawback of a mini-lift is that the results are rarely permanent and sagging skin on the neck or excess skin in the form of creases from the nose down towards the angle of the mouth is not corrected). Your surgeon will discuss the options with you at your consultation and together you will decide on the best approach.

On the day of your procedure, you will arrive at the hospital fasting. Before the surgery you will meet with your surgeon again and he will mark the surgical site. A facelift is normally done with local anesthesia combined with light general anesthesia. The traditional face and neck lift incision is in front and behind the ear and in the hair behind and above the ears. The surgeon frees the skin from the underlying muscle and stretches out and cuts away the excess skin. Often you need to stretch a muscle that lies in the neck and under the chin to get a more prolonged lifting effect. Following the surgery you will be closely monitored while you begin your recovery and the effects of the anaesthetic wear off.


After Surgery


Most of our patients who undergo a facelift will require an overnight stay in hospital. There they are taken care of by professionals with extensive experience of this surgical procedure. On discharge you will be given an appointment for your first post-operative visit to the Aesthetic Institute, but patients are welcome to contact us before this if they have any concerns.

Facial swelling and moderate pain is not unusual for a few days after the surgery. After about a week the stitches are removed from around the ears at The Aesthetic Institute. Until then you should remain calm and well rested. The remaining stitches on the scalp are removed after about two weeks. The scars after a facelift are usually quite subtle because they are generally placed in the natural folds of skin around the ears.

It is not necessary to take time off work but most patients usually take about three weeks off to allow the bruising to settle. We advise you to avoid training and physical activities apart than gentle walks for first month. It is also important to use a high factor sun protection on the scars for 6 months. Avoid dye on the scars for 3 months, so if you normally colour your hair, make sure to have it done before your procedure.

For the best long term result is it important that you regularly take good care of your skin. Our competent skin therapist will be able to help you with advice and reccommend products from our exclusive and highly regarded line of cosmeceuticals –Akademikliniken. These products have been developed after years of research.

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What does it cost?

The overall cost of a facelift depends on a number of factors including how extensive the surgery will be, and if the procedure is part of a combination procedure. You can read more about our prices for different procedures and treatments here.

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If you have any questions about facelifts which are not addressed here, or if you would like to book a consultation with the Consultant Plastic Surgeon to discuss a facelift, please call 01 491 5738, email or complete our Enquiry Form.