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Reconstructive plastic surgery is carried out to restore and repair function or appearance following an accident, cancer or congenital malformations.

Unlike most surgeons involved in aesthetic surgery, we carry out many of operations of this kind. Our view is that one cannot be a good aesthetic surgeon without having high-quality skills in reconstructive surgery and vice versa. This view is shared by many internationally recognized plastic surgeons. At the Aesthetic Institute, you will only meet surgeons who have expertise in this specialist category.

reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive Procedures

No surgical reconstructive procedure is without risk. During your consultation appointment, we will go through all the potential benefits and if there are any complications before any procedure is carried out. Some of the surgical procedures we carry out at the clinic are breast reconstruction and a lot of this would be done with breast implants. We can carry out nipple restoration and fat grafting also. We perform hand surgery if patients are suffering from nerve pain, etc, protruding ears using otoplasty procedure, skin cancer operations, tattoo removal and much more. At Aesthetic Institute, we only have some of the best surgeons who are highly experienced and trained at their job and will do the best job that they can. Have a browse through our website at some of the before and after pictures and give us a call to book your consultation appointment today and can guarantee you will not be disappointed with us.